Offerbot APIs

This article is currently being written (21 May 2020)


  1. I am a full-stack web developer but I am not a technologist. That is, I can build an effective web application but this does not mean that I am well-versed in the status of other distributed/decentralized projects and how they might be leveraged. Here (and in other pages of The Solution) I am ‘thinking out loud’ about a possible method of building offerbots which work and I welcome feedback on the best way to leverage existing technologies and projects.
  2. Offerbots must be highly efficient at sending, receiving, processing and representing offers in a generalized manner at a reasonable scale. It may not be possible, much less desirable, to shoehorn offerbots into technologies which are not able to support this (particularly distributed technologies which are designed primarily around storing personal data securely or reliably).


Authorization and authentication of other offerbots – JWT?

Authorization of the owner (their devices)

Authorized third party users of an offerbot (their devices)

Vault by Hashicorp looks interesting (but is proprietary)


CRUD API for offers, social network, etc. for authorized parties.

Graph API


Offers as requests (expressing demand for offers in an offer)


Access to the offerbot’s admin functionality.


Verification of facts and relationships?


The means by which third party renderers can be used, either locally or remotely (via an API). AWS Lambda, etc.